W/R: Comm. Director Mr. Issah Fuseini and Regional Organizer, Mr. Abdul Ganiyu Mohammed Schools Fix The Country Conveners In Their Region

Our attention has been drawn to the Fix the Country Demonstration in the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis spearheaded by Okatakyie Afrifa- Mensah and Osagyefo Oliver Barker Vormavor slated for the 21st of September 2021.

The communication bereau of the NPP in the Western Region wishes to respond to some unfortunate statements which have been made prior to this demonstration primarily by the convenors aimed at courting disaffection for the government. We wish to state without equivocation that even though Ghana as a developing country has not fully realized the quest to deliver utmost quality of life for her citizenry, the government of the NPP is fully on course to achieve it contrary to the false impression this group seeks to create that everything in this country has failed.

Statements that portray leaders of the country especially current ones as murderers, criminals, plain thieves and jokers will only suffice as a disingenuous means to provoke the anger of the citizens and to create unnecessary tension in the country. Even though every individual is entitled to express disappointment or otherwise in the system, it should be done with circumspection and with clear aversion to the numerous efforts that are been made by the government of the NPP to alleviate the sufferings of all. Any one-sided argument only aimed at painting leadership evil is simply a self-seeking agenda and unpatriotic.

We are therefore glad to inform all and sundry that even though times are not very good as expected, there are major gains we are chalking and collectively with good conscience we shall get there.

We wish to also use this press release to outline some of the works and the achievements of the Nana Addo led NPP government which are unparalleled within the Western Region as a reference case.

We will basically touch on the projects executed under the Educational, Health and Road sectors. We will equally touch on the achievements of this government in terms of job creation and the social intervention policies all Ghanaians have enjoyed and continue to enjoy even in this harsh COVID-19 economy.

Educational Projects
1. New UMat administration block – Tarkwa
2. 6 units class room block at NYASO Community – Tarkwa
3. Nsuaem Methodist JHS block- Tarkwa
4. Newly constructed 3000 capacity dining hall for Fiaseman shs – Tarkwa
5. 12 units class room block for FIASEMAN SHS – Tarkwa
6. 6 units class room block for Tarkwa shs
7. 2 dormitory blocks for Tarkwa shs.
8. 600 capacity dormitory for Fiaseman shs.
9. 3 units class room block at
Simpa, Teberebe, nyaaso Nktan and Dompim.

10. Prestea Huni valley shs – 12 units class room block
11. Prestea Secondary Technical school new constructed dining hall.
12. TEACHERS bungalow at Awodua Nkwanta
13. 6 units class room block at St. Augustine’s shs Bogoso.
14.Amenfi Newly constructed Vocational School block.
15. Baidoo Bonsu shs Admission block and 12 units class room block.
16. Prato two 6 units class room block Daboase
17. 6 units class room block for Daboase shs
18. Bungalow for Domama JHS Dabaose
19. 6 units class room blocks for Atobiase Daboase
20. 3 units class room blocks for Nsadweso Daboase.
21.6 units class room blocks for Methodist SHS KANSARODU
22. 6 units class room blocks MPOHOR SHS
23. 3 units class room block for Bishop Orock KG Takoradi
24. 12 units class room blocks Fijai SHS SEKONDI
25. 12 units class room block for Adiembra shs SEKONDI
26. 12 units class room block for Nkruoful Agric SHS.
27. 12 units Classroom block. Archbishop Porter Girls SHS. Takoradi.
28. 12 units class room block for St. John’s SHS Sekondi.
29. 2500 capacity assembly Hall for GSTS, Takoradi
30. 450 capacity Boys dormitory GSTS, Takoradi
31. 350 capacity Girls Domitory for TADISCO,
6 unit classroom block for Tadisco.
32. Railway university Esikado.
33. 6 unit classroom block for HASCO
34. 3 unit classroom Block for Ellenda
35. Girls dormitory for HASCO
36. 600 capacity girls dormitory for Archbishop Porter Girls SHS, STMA.

1. Bogoso District hospital 78% complete
2. Wassa Dunkwa District hospital 80% complete
3. Manso Amenfi
district hospital currently in use
4. Kusikrom chps compound -jomoro
5. Navrongo chps compound – jomoro
6. Tweakor chps compound compound- Jomoro
7. Atwereboanda chps compound – Prestea
8. Nsuaem District hospital 67%
9. Tamso chps compound
10. Upgrading and expansion of ST. Martin De Pores hospital to Teaching hospital with 60 beds – Eikwe Ellembelle
11. Accident Centre – Apemenim Ahanta west
12. Ewusiejoe chps compound.
13. Kejabil chps compound.
14. Osenso chps compound.
15. Nkwanta chps compound – TARKWA
16. Essaman chps compound – Tarkwa
17. Assakae chps compound.
18. New TAKORADI Polyclinic 60% complete.
19. Apowa clinic male and female ward.
20. Polyclinic at Elubo

Road Infrastructure
1. Bawdie to Asankragwa road is ongoing
2. Gwira Ayinase – Wiawso road is ongoing
3. Prestea – Samreboi road 80% complete.
4 . Bitumen road Axim
5. Bogoso to Huni valley 19 km road is ongoing
6. Prestea Town roads ongoing
7. Wassa Agona – Ahetieso – Tarkwa 22 km road is ongoing
8. Bonsa – Benso
9. Tarkwa – Banso – Esuoso road
10. Esiama – Nkroful – Menzezar 28 km road 70% complete
11. Esiama Nkroful – Teleku – Bokazo 6.5 km 70% complete
12. Rehabilitation of Teleku – Bokazo – Salman – Anibil junction 30.2 km road.
13. Teleku Bokazo – Asastre – Ayinase 20km road.
14. Upgrading of
Asasetre – Akropong – Gyampre junction road 19 km.
15. Upgrading of Santaso – Asomase – Baseke road 20 km Ellembelle
16. Upgrading of
Santaso – Aidozosuazo – Kwesikrom – Prestea Nkwanta feeder road 38 km Ellembelle.
17. Ellembelle Town roads on going.
18. Aiyinase – Nyamebekyere – kanokware – Atebubu – Mangoase 23 km road.
19. Mapees junction to Ntankoful
20. Princess Aketekyi road
21. Brenakum – Tamso.
22. Kansaworodo to Mampong road – STMA

Other Major Projects
1.Takoradi Market Circle project is ongoing.
2. Agip Interchange – Takoradi – is ongoing
3.GNPC Operational Headquarters – Takoradi is ongoing.
4.Axim sea defence – Axim.
5.Mini sports complex – Axim – ongoing.
6. Solid waste recycling company – Asakae – ongoing.

Job Opportunities

NB Here we seek to draw attention to what has been achieved nationwide.

1. The Nana Addo government has employed 93,724 teaching and Non teaching staff at Basic and Secondary levels as well as 6,718 lecturers in Tertiary Institutions.
2.The operational 1D1F factories have created 18,811 direct jobs and 120,520 indirect jobs.
3. YEA has provided 184,593 jobs to Ghanaian youth under the Nana Addo government.
4.The Amalgamated Trust (GAT) saved 5,400 direct jobs and 12,000 indirect jobs and ensured the survival of 9 local banks.
5.84,183 people have been employed under the forest plantation program of the NPP government.
6.Under the Akuffo Addo government, 90,969 Health and medical personnel have been employed.
7. An Average of 11,431 people are employed annually under the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project.
8. Every year, an average of 7,254 farmers receive financial support to invest into their Agricultural ventures under the Out-grower Value Chain Fund (OVCF).
9. An average of 762,300 people are employed each year under the planting for Food and Jobs program.
10.The National Entrepreneurship and Innovative Fund has funded 4,350 start- ups and provided training to 19,000 start-ups and also created 92,000 jobs
11. The National Identification Authority through the National ID registration exercise employed 35,380 people across the country to register citizens.
12. The Nation Builders Corps provided job opportunities for 100,000 young Ghanaian graduates.
13. Government released Ghc750 million to support over 300,000 MSMEs to deal with the effect of COVID 19 Pandemic.
14. A Ghc2 billion Guarantee facility has been established by government to support job retention.
15. Reopening of the Obuasi Gold mines has led to the creation of 4,163 jobs.
16.The interest on MASLOC loans has been reduced from 24%to 12% so that small businesses can expand.
17. MASLOC has supported 97,876 small businesses and traders. 80% of which are women.
18. The Presidential Empowerment for Entrepreneurs with Disability (PEWED and PEMED) has supported 1,000 disabled men entrepreneurs and 1,000 disabled female entrepreneurs.

Social Interventions
It is important to note that despite the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on economies worldwide, the government of Ghana under the able leadership of H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has maintained life saving policies and social interventions such as
1. Free Senior High School.
2. School Feeding program.
3. Abolishment of PTA dues in our schools
4. Reduction of lending rates to support businesses to thrive.

Per the above info, we believe the current NPP government performed better as compared to the erstwhile NDC government that did not even experience the shocks associated with COVID 19 yet found it impossible to manage the affairs of this country .

Let’s not forget that the Nana Addo led NPP government has also settled the huge outstanding bill of approximately GH¢9 million on Capitation Grant, GH¢4 million on Feeding Grant for Special Schools, GH¢14 million on exercise books to basic schools, and GH¢4 million on the supply of school uniforms among many others left by the erstwhile Mahama led NDC government.

We believe with all these policies and programs rolled out by the NPP government, every fair and well-meaning Ghanaian will conclude that Ghana is not a failed country as they want us to believe but with support and trust from all we shall get there. The government is fixing the country, decide to see and you will see.

Countries that adopted these programs have seen the light of the day. Ghana will not be an exception.

With time, hardwork, attitudinal change and support from all Ghanaians, things will definitely get better and better.

We wish all Ghanaians well.

Long live Ghana
Long Live NPP

Mr. Issah Fuseini
W/R Communications Director.

Abdul Ganiyu Mohammed,

(W/R Organizer)


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