The World Bank approves $60 million for Africa’s agriculture sector

The Board of Directors of the World Bank has accepted a $60 million grant from the International Development Association (IDA) to help African countries improve the resilience of their agriculture sectors to the danger faced by climate change.

The grant fulfills the World Bank’s promise at the 2019 United Nations Climate Summit to expand its funding for CGIAR, a global collaboration that brings together international organizations engaging in food security science to help advance agricultural research initiatives to benefit rural households that depend on agriculture as a main source of livelihood, and to increase food security.

Through the new operation – Accelerating the Effect of CGIAR Climate Science for Africa, AICCRA – the World Bank will fund research and capacity-building activities carried out by CGIAR centers and partner organizations with the intention of improving access to climate information resources and validated climate-smart agriculture technologies in Africa.

Through having greater access to climate warnings linked to knowledge on successful response strategies, farmers and livestock farmers would be able to better predict climate-related incidents and take proactive steps that will help to protect profitable practices and stop devastating losses.

Mobilizing research and creativity for agricultural production is consistent with the promises made during the Africa Food Security Leadership Dialog (AFSLD), a multi-partner project initiated in 2019 to solve the issue of hunger and susceptibility to climate change on the African continent.

The new initiative responds to the appeal by the AFSLD for joint action against hunger in the face of climate change at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has further raised the insecurity of millions of households.

AICCRA’s operations will be focused in six countries—Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia—but the gains will be felt across the region:’

Generation and technology transfer merit IDA regional funding, since benefits flow across national borders and are thus unlikely to be sufficiently funded by individual governments working on their own,” said Deborah Wetzel, Director of Regional Integration for Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Northern Africa at the World Bank.

“CGIAR plays a unique catalytic role in enhancing global, regional and local capacity to combat the effects of climate change in Africa and around the world.”

AICCRA will be administered by the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture, the leading center for the CGIAR Initiative on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

Source: World Bank


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