The Supreme Court is threatening to dismiss Mahama’s election petition

On Tuesday, 26 January, the Supreme Court claimed that if the lawyers of the complainant, Mr John Mahama, do not comply with the laws of practice, they will be compelled to throw out the 2020 election petition.

In the pending Presidential Election Petition, the court ordered the appellant, John Dramani Mahama, to file his testimony and claims in response to a preliminary challenge presented by the respondents no later than Wednesday 27 January.

The court also expressed disappointment with the petitioner’s behavior and warned that if he failed to comply with the order to file the witness statements and claims within the specified time period, it would take effective action against him.

The court said these acts could require the dismissal of the petition.
During its last sitting on Wednesday, 20 January, the court ordered both parties to file their testimonies by Thursday noon, an order that the petitioner’s attorney, Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata, argued was too short a period.

The complainant also filed a complaint about a reversal of the court’s decision on the earlier order for questioning by the petitioner, but that motion was not granted.

Between the last sitting and now, the petitioners again submitted a motion insisting that the court’s decision on the interrogatories be reviewed, as well as amending and applying to paragraph 28 of the initial petition.

On Tuesday, January 26, the court did not grant any of the motions but rather ordered the earlier ones to be heard.

Rules must be upheld. It is worth recalling that, as instructed by the court on 20 January, the 1st Respondent Electoral Commission of Ghana and 2nd Respondent Akufo-Addo filed their witness statements.

The matter was, meanwhile, adjourned to Thursday, January 28.

Source: 3news


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