The Role Of Social Media Towards Breaking The Eight: George Quaicoe ( Sebo Zenith De Unifier) Charges Tescon Executive

Social media for the latter part has increasingly grown roots adding to the innovative methods of communication.

The New Patriotic Party, with a pool of strategy seeks to break the eight to achieve a historic landslide in the history of Ghana Politics under the 4th Republic.

In the light of this, George Quaicoe popularly referred to as Seb) Zenith De Unifier has beckoned the Tescon members in the College of Community Health Nursing, Winneba to embrace and adopt various technology is channelling across the success of the New Patriotic Party and to form a formidable frontier to quash the opposition party.

Speaking at the 1st General Meeting of College Tescon in Winneba, Mr. Quaicoe congratulated the members for being able to maintain Tescon in the college amidst the challenges.He further touched on how the students could use social media to campaign and project the party.

Drawing the curtain down, Mr. Quaicoe took the opportunity once more to enlighten the students on the government flagship programme of Agenda 111 and the need to work vigorously for the government to be retained so as to provide a secure employment opportunities for them after completion of studies.


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