The Extra Health care in the Ho Teaching Hospital [Photo].

Nursing they say, is a calling and needs passion and empathy for excellent delivery of this selfless responsibility.

The staffs and managers of the Male medical ward (F3) of the Ho teaching hospital vividly displayed what this unique calling is, in their care for a 57 years old man (name withheld), who was admitted in their ward on the 24th of February 2021 through to 19th December 2021.

The patient spent almost 10months on admission without any relative visiting. In other words, the patient was totally abandoned by his relations.

The staffs of the ward, including the doctors took it upon themselves and provided patient with his daily needs especially food. They came together and contributed money to ensure patient ate daily and also provided him with toiletries. Sister Portia Sam, one of the staff members ensured that any medication written for patient to buy was procured.

In like manner, Nurse David Preko, also a staff of the ward, ensured that patient’s hair was neatly trimmed when necessary.

Nurse Preko barbering the patient

The patient due to his condition, was oxygen dependent hence his longer stay on admission. This also resulted to an increase in his bill when he was finally discharged on the 19th of December, 2021.
Even at this stage, the staffs did not give up on him. The ward Manager, Mr. Emmanuel Akpalu and his assistant, Miss Abigail Fynn intervened and through a couple, name withheld, his bills were settled accordingly.
The joy of the patient could not be expressed in words.

This incident of patients being abandoned in the ward by their relatives happens almost all the time. The managers of the ward are appealing through this medium to anyone with a good heart to come in, to support these patients to aid in their quick recovery.

Indeed, nursing is not just about giving drugs to the patient to take; Nursing is an act of Love.
Congratulations to the Male medical ward (F3)!
Congratulations to the management of the Ho teaching hospital.

Continue the good work and may God bless your efforts.

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