Stakeholders need to coordinate strategies to combat youth unemployment. – Austin Gamey

If different parties don’t agree on a single approach to fix the problem, labor analyst Austin Gammey said, youth unemployment will remain a big challenge in Ghana.

The World Bank Group has also called for frequent contact with key players to minimize policy overlap and exchange expertise as well.

Data available from the Ghana Statistical Service’s 2015 Work Force Survey shows that out of 11.9% of the unemployed population of the country, 12.1% are young people.

In the rural and urban job rates, inequalities were also noticed. The number of unemployed young people in urban areas, for example, is 13.6 percent higher than the 10.4 percent in rural areas.

Although various governments have adopted various policies over the years to tackle

The problem remains uncoordinated and fractured in the country’s youth unemployment scene, with mandates conflicting between stakeholder organizations.

The lack of synergies limits programming ‘s efficacy, performance , and overall effects.

Austin Gammey said in an interview with Citi Business News that the answers to combating youth unemployment should not be politicized, but should be achieved by negotiated dialogue with stakeholders.

“Without any cohesive structure, policymakers became too individualistic about youth unemployment to pull together the awareness of policymakers to brainstorm and end up creating a consensus on the path forward so that we avoid the overly partisan approach to youth job growth,” he stressed.

No one knows everything that we need to get together and have a dialogue, brainstorm, and we can have a solution to this dilemma that will continue to and beyond 2030, “he said.”

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