Saboba: The number of women who became pregnant during the lockdown was 65

The influence of the Covid-19 epidemic on Ghana’s school system is undeniably significant.

Saboba District, in the Northern Region, was one of the most hit places by the earthquake.

Due to a government-imposed shutdown of schools for close to a year, the education of females in the area was severely affected.
Between March and October 2020, the District documented over 65 occurrences of adolescent pregnancy.
This was despite the fact that the District Assembly of Saboba and the District Chief Executive, George Bingrini, made every effort to get these girls back to school, but to no avail.

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When schools reopened, just 5 of the 65 teenagers who had gotten pregnant consented to return to school.

As a result of this, the Assembly, with the help of Oxfam and other partners, has provided sewing machines and hair dryers to some of the girls who were unable to return to school.
As a result, 35 hand sewing and cutting machines were provided to 35 young people. Additionally, 34 hair washing basins were donated to 34 young people.

Bingrini stated in an interview with that the epidemic has done more damage to the education of females than any other factor.

In Covid-19, most of our school pupils, mainly females, became pregnant and could not return to school when their pregnancy was terminated.” Most of these girls were identified with the aid of IDC and Oxfam. They were persuaded to return to school by IDC and Oxfam. Whoever receives the goods is the one who could not go back due to some other difficulty.

The District Directorate of Education, he added, has taken efforts to prevent future incidents of this kind.

All Covid-19 safety measures must be followed to the letter, he said.

Source: 3news


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