Prophet Kofi Oduro cautions men about five ladies with whom they should not have sex.

Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder of Alabaster International Ministries, revealed a personal secret. He claimed that if a guy stays away from these ladies, he will live a long life on this planet.

Some women, according to the Man of God, contribute to a man’s life being cursed if he sleeps with them. Someone’s wife is #1 on the list. He said that sleeping with another man’s wife is a curse. “A mason and his wife live in Amasaman,” he explained. When he travels for work in Pobiman or Kuntunse, you end up sleeping with his wife. When he returns, the wife acts as though everything is OK. If you want to live a long life, stay away from married women.”

He continues to chastise males who sleep with pregnant women, particularly if the unborn child is not his own. Widows made up the third category of women. He believes that a guy should avoid courting or sexing a lady who is still grieving.

His mother and sister make up the remaining two sets of ladies. Incest, according to Prophet Oduro, is a grave taboo that might kill a man before his time. According to the prophet, fornication and adultery are the leading causes of death among men.

Source: 3news


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