On the storytelling night of GMB 2021, Ahafo’s Akua was ousted.

Unfortunately, after failing to receive enough votes from the judges and fans, Ahafo area delegate Akua’s adventure came to an end yesterday night at GMB 2021.

Before leaving the stage, Akua enthralled the crowd with the narrative of why locals never eat the fish in the Tano River. Selflessness, greed, and supernatural entities are all themes in this narrative.

Many, many years ago, just after the great monarch, Nana Osei Tutu 1, returned from battle, he stood at his property and split it into two. In addition, the vast Ashanti kingdom was split in two. This is the Ashanti area, as well as the Ashanti West region, which is now the Ahafo region. Our folks suffered a severe disaster after establishing on the country. Our rivers and streams have all dried up. The Almighty Tano river was our sole supply of water. But even when we go fishing, we don’t catch enough fish to feed our families.

According to Akua, the Ahafo people had a custom of molding their gold artefacts near the Tano River’s large holy tree. She claimed that something unexpected happened one day while they were preparing to mold their gold. The gold sank deep into the Tano river as it tumbled into it. When they went to collect it, they discovered that the Tano River was teeming with fish. As a result, they began fishing on the river.

“But one mysterious thing was that immediately your container became full, you would never have a catch again. But when a different person who had nothing to eat comes around, the person would be able to get something home. This prevents greed and selfishness. So a typical son of our land knows no greed and is very selfless.”

Akua revealed that after some time, the people began to question the exchange. They wondered why they had to exchange their gold for mere fishes. After consulting the oracle, the people learnt that the fishes in the Tano river represented the soul of each person in the region.

“And that is why the people of Ahafo stop eating fish from the river,” she concluded.

After five weeks of entertainment and education from Akua, we are sorry to see her leave the stage and the GMB house.

Source: 3news


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