NABCO Secretariat finally sent message to Nabco trainees

After several days of agitations and uncertainties, the Nabco secretariat has finally sent a message across to all Nabco trainees via their portal.

image of the new button that displays the message from nabco secretariat


Read the full message below.

Dear CPTP Trainee,

We are currently processing your stipends for September and October 2021. Based on the defined period of three years (i.e. thirty-six months) of engagement on NABCO, this will be the final stipends paid to you.

In line with your exit arrangements, you will now be given an opportunity to join the exit preparation Talent Pool pending future job and training opportunities. However, where your MIP has decided to go into an arrangement with you that would be independent of NABCO and solely between you and the MIP.

Please note that while you can access training and other mentoring opportunities during this period, you will not be entitled to any further stipends during your time on the Talent Pool, as you wait to be hired. You are at liberty to opt-out of this at will, by utilising the decline procedure on your portal.

We value and appreciate your growth while on the scheme, and we will encourage you to take advantage of the skills and experience acquired in your future career pursuit. Our best wishes to you for the future.

NABCO Secretariat.

November 4, 2021.

This could simply mean that indeed nabco has finally come to an end and trainees must find another opportunity elsewhere.

Source: NABCO Secretariat

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