Make Teachers Frontline Worker As Schools Resume –Educationist

Mr. Ekow Djan, an educationist, has urged the government to categorize teachers as frontline workers in the aftermath of the coronavirus as schools reopen.

He said there is a risk that teachers will come into touch with the virus after schools are reopened, so they have to get the care they need like any frontline workers.

In a statement, Mr. Djan said, “Ghanaian teachers are expected to be in office as school resumes on Friday 15 January 2020, following the directive of President Akufo-Addo a fortnight ago.” Schools have been suspended for more than ten (10) months since the March 2020 collapse of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Since March 2020, some staff have been listed as frontline and critical employees at some point, including health and security service employees, with some monetary benefits.

“They were labeled as such and in the war against the pandemic, they had a unique role(s) to play. In reality, at one point, Junior/ Senior High School teachers were directed to see the successful training of their WASCE/BECE for pupils and students. In times when COVID-19 cases were on the rise, teachers risked their life, answered the call, and voluntarily went to school without any kind of motivation from the government.

Again, here we are, the teachers were asked to go to work. Their roles entail teaching and taking care of the pupils. If any student feel unwell, teachers will act as the first port of call. Teachers will have no choice but to care for the boy without understanding the child’s status, whether or not he has been infected with the coronavirus. It would be an immense risk for teachers to face in the coming days. No PPEs and vaccines have been given in all of these.

Teachers’ lives, their mates, and their families are in risk. Teachers have been listed as frontline employees in other jurisdictions, such as the US. The designation of teachers as frontline staff would be in the supreme interest of the entire citizenry. They deserve, at least, to be inspired! “Said he.

Source: 3news



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