Let’s not demonize the Armed Forces-Yaw Oppong

Yaw Oppong, a private law practitioner, said that armed personnel should not be treated as enemies of the state.

On Saturday 9 January, he said on the Key Points program on TV3 that they form an important part of society that wants people’s well-being and protection.

His remarks follow the questions posed against the military men who stormed the parliamentary chamber on Thursday, January 7, after a stalemate between NDC and NPP-elected MPs while electing a new House Speaker.

Some Ghanaians, including former President John Dramani Mahama, condemned the military’s interference and called for a detailed inquiry into the matter.

The recent use of the military has been a big issue in civil democratic systems and gives the impression that this government is actively attempting to revive the exorcised spirits of our military history. Parliament shall conduct an investigation into the two events and exact sufficient penalties,’ said the NDC presidential nominee in a tweet during the last election.

A Ghanaian lawyer from the United States, Professor Kwaku Asare, also condemned the military’s involvement, saying it was not in their position to move in.

“But Mr. Yaw Oppong told Abena Tabi, host of the program, that, “I think that since they were not there, watching the scenes, the ultimate question to ask is, were they effective in calming tempers and maintaining order?

“It was chaos, clearly. Could that mean that the marshals lost, the police failed, and the troops or the troops had to be the last resort? The military still has a part to play, and it is not only assumed that they will always go to war. I don’t remember the last time we ordered them to go to war on Ghana’s behalf.

But if a state of instability exists and all the remedies given by statute have collapsed, then the question is not so much whether it was correct. Let us look at the results at the top.

Let us inquire if it is possible to attribute the clam restored to the troops. For me, it is a more significant topic than the property or otherwise of the y arriving when you ask yourself at the end of the day, would the Members of Parliament have proceeded to distract from their own trials as we see it right now, except for the soldiers’ intervention.

Clearly, everywhere we are, the police presence makes us stay on the edge, but you get a little more terrifying when it gets to the troops. I’m not convinced they really came in to cause havoc themselves.

With respect to concerns that the military coming there pointed to a coup, he said, “They are entitled to their views, but my view is that I will look at the final results that caused their presence to return or restore some calm.” Since we barely had such a similar occurrence until the latter one after that.

A section where all the other material came in. So let’s not see soldiers often because they’re enemies of the state or they’re enemies of the machine.

“When troops went to launch a revolution, I don’t remember the last time they really went to parliament to scare out members of parliament.

Currently, I still say these days that it is almost unlikely for any soldier to launch a coup.
Instead, the recent trend was the rank and file of common citizens meeting. The Arab Springs are reminders of what we pray, by the grace of Heaven, will not happen here.

If not, we’ll alienate the troops. These soldiers live among us, they have families, they have mothers, yet to put them in the pigeon hole of having the sense to distract all their attention from state institutions.

We have never had a coup d’état since 1981. Did we? No!-No! And it seems to have been the existing culture and, in my mind, no solder can be motivated to disrupt this wonderful culture system that  we are operating.”

Source: 3news



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