Lady: “I’m leaving my boyfriend because he has no money”

This lady needs to abandon him because her boyfriend has a dry bag. In order to tell him about her plans, she sent relationship counselor Joro Olumofin a letter.

Only read below:

Joro.-Joro. My bf has no capital, and he’s really lovely. He’s got husband stuff, but he just didn’t buy me anything like anything this year.

We were just leaving the church now, and he had us walk to the altar.

I heard him pray for me and say that God should bless our relationship for 2021. I feel bad because next year I don’t want to be in a relationship with him. I feel that my appearance is wasted on him. Like, I’m actually all right.

I’m really healthy. I’m the finest in my siblings’ house where I can be with wealthier men that I don’t know how to split up with.

His mother gave me my WhatsApp prayers. His dad called me and asked me to prepare some of the stew for him.

How can I break up with him and still be his friend? I feel imprisoned by a broken human being.

Source: celebritiesbuzz


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