JUST IN: Hon. Bright Essilfie Is The Leader We Can Trust As Our Next NPP National Organizer – Discerning NPP Grassroots

We present to you Hon. Bright Essilfie Kumi, Incoming National Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party – NPP as the leader can trust. A man of good will and good standing. A great political figure and leader we can trust, giving a welcoming interpretation to what the youths seek as his ultimate priority. His leadership qualities at all levels of good governance and in politics is unmatched.

He always comes in even when he isnt needed to help alleviate the sufferings of the Youth, such is what we call a leader, not just a leader but a listening leader. Hon. Bright Essilfie Kumi stands to be one of the very best political leaders that we have ever seen to be loyal, honest, selfless, committed, down to earth and very trustworthy. He always acts in the right, proper and effective way in order to ensure success and stability among the youth and the old.

With Hon. Bright Essilfie Kumi, he understands the give and take aspects of politics and the ability to find common grounds for all to operate.

Not like some political leaders who use and dump the dying youth after they win political power, He (Hon. Bright Essilfie Kumi) gives a different definition to that with respect to committment and selflessness towards the welfare of the youth.

A true replica of an ambitious and strong man. An inspiration to young guys who have chosen to challenge. Be blessed for your good works and affable heart.

Hon. Bright Essilfie Kumi
Incoming National Organizer

Hon. Kumi b3ba
The Voice of the People.
The People’s Choice


Ing. Political Prince.

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