JUST IN: A Call On The Youth To Be Actively Involved In National Development – Ing. Political Prince

Ghana with over 32 million people and with 20 percent of youths cannot afford to lock out the youths if they must compete politically and we all know of that. Not even to talk of their adventure in the area of technology, Intellectually and scientifically in order to meet the sustainable development of Ghana.

We leave in a society where, political leaders infringe on the right of some youths and others in order to live a happy life. Moreover youths dependency on politicians has also been one of our major challenge as a country. Least I forget, youths are carried away to inherit their paymasters enemies, forgetting they will have to listen to both sides before closing the curtains.

Our top most priority as youths being citizens of a country is to renew, refresh and maintain our status. It’s our right to refresh the status of every organization we find ourselves to be members or participants of, especially that of society including its leadership. In focusing in a fair and a welcoming social movement, we must be able to educate our dependents that is the, youths and future leaders of the country to attain a higher level of intellectual ability and to become well respected, committed, selfless and qualified adults in our society in seeking a better tomorrow.

First the Youth must massively parade and campaign for themselves as agents of political socialization, with that, political culture will be neutralized in the society. Our failure in promoting youths development that will foster our national development and good governance as a country will negatively affect its citizenry and the country as a whole.

We also have in Ghana, a competition of youth groups with different interests. We can as youths of this country explore in our country’s political business space in order to influence the decision making process in fighting for good governance.

Ghanaian youths must have a powerful influence, voice and must be given a greater say in contributing to issues of national interest and not solely depending on political leaders or officers voted into power, though we dont form part of the arms of government, its best the youth gets involve to play a major role in leadership and governance so in all times, the youth will properly be equipped to assume the mantle of leadership which will come one day.

For the Ghanaian youth to be politically powerful and developmentally important, they must be proud citizens and not spectators, however they must demonstrate adequate participation in politics, promote unity, peace, togetherness, promote political issues that seeks to the interest of all and not few and protest political efficiency and have Mother Ghana at heart.

Ing. Political Prince
Intellectual Youth Patriots – Western Regional Organizer
0245141442 / 0507275748

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