HTH: Emotional moment as nurses take turns to care for the child of a seriously ill patient [Photo]

In recent times, nurses in Ghana have faced gross negativism from the general public, due to some allegations that nurses are disrespectful. On the other hand, there are so many positive sides of nurses and realities of nursing that majority of people may not be aware of. Earlier today was one of such positive moments.

It was an emotional moment earlier today (07/10/2021) at the Male Medical Ward of the Ho Teaching Hospital, as nurses took turns to care of the child of a desperate woman for her to spend some time with her seriously ill husband on admission.

Earlier today at the said facility and ward, a desperate wife of a seriously ill patient visited the ward to see her ‘dying’ husband on admission. The said woman on arrival to the ward was with her child of about 1 year old. As part of the ward protocols, children of such age are not allowed to enter such premises due to their immature immunity level and the risk of contracting hospital acquired infections.

Looking at the situation and the said conditions, the nurses on duty took turns to care for the child while the woman (wife of the patient) went to see her husband, as well as spend some time with him. This incident turned to be an emotional moment on the ward. On the other hand, the patient who was even having difficulty in breathing, and looking at the incident with mixed feelings expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the nurses on the ward.

Speaking to the in-charge of the ward, he stated that “ nurses do not have to listen to the negative comments from some patient’s relatives, which may affect their work as a nurse but rather let the few that appreciate them motivate them to do more.”

God bless all the nurses of the Male Medical Ward and all other wards of the Ho Teaching Hospital for their endless hardwork.

The Noble Profession.

picture@zadokpixels (HTH male medical ward, +233544749365)


Source: The Ghanaian Nursing Times


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