Government requests the individual whose CCTV footage of a robbery attack on a bullion van to reveal the footage

Mr. Ambrose Dery, the Interior Minister, has asked to the guy whose CCTV cameras filmed the robbery attacks on a bullion van that resulted in the deaths of a police officer and another person to submit the film to the police so that they can assist in the apprehension of the offenders.
In an exclusive interview with TV3’s Dzifa Bampoh, Mr. Dery revealed that the police had notified him of the man’s refusal to give the CCTV film in order to aid in the capture of the criminals.

“I want to highlight that each fatality, as I told the cops, is equally important. It can’t be a police officer or a well-known politician; each death is equally significant.

“This situation should be resolved as soon as feasible. It happened throughout the day, however, they highlight an issue that I believe I should raise in this forum. They claim that there is a CCTV owner in the area.

“The police have asked for the CCTV recording to be delivered to them, but the owner has refused. I’d want to take this opportunity to urge to him to cooperate, as well as to all individuals who were in the area, to aid the police with whatever description or information they have to help us hunt them down.”

Mr. Ambrose Dery also expressed his dissatisfaction with the Bank of Ghana’s (BoG) decision to give financial institutions until July 1, 2023, to phase out and replace all soft-skinned cash-in-transit (CIT) trucks.
He stated that the lives of police officers could not be put in jeopardy until 2023.
The central bank issued a number of directives to financial institutions in December 2020, instructing them to phase out and replace all soft-skinned CIT vehicles.

Following a meeting with bank cash operation managers on Thursday, October 15, 2020, the Bank of Ghana issued a statement saying, “The Bank of Ghana hereby directs all Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) and Specialized Deposit Taking-Institutions (SDIs) to acquire armored plated bullion vans for their cash operations.” The aforementioned edict is the consequence of a series of armed attacks on cash-in-transit operations, which have resulted in the loss of lives, currency, and sophisticated equipment, and have become a national security concern.

“Phase out and replace all soft-skinned cash in transit (CIT) vehicles presently in use with the fit for purpose armored plated vehicles with European standard B6 Ballistic protection for the passenger compartment and European Standard B4 for Cargo compartment.

“Involve BoG in the procurement of the armored vehicle to ensure compliance requisite specifications

“BoG further directs that all BMBs and SDIs should comply with the above directive by 1st July 2023 after which BoG will not admit any soft-skinned CIT vehicle into its premises nationwide.”

But Mr Dery who was commenting on the killing of a police officer in a robbery attack on a bullion van in Jamestown said “:…What we call bullion vehicles in Ghana are just ordinary vehicles with plates on them which are not armoured.

“They don’t give the police and the cash any protection and so it is easy for bullets to go through them so they are not bullion vans,” he said.

“We have taken steps to protect our policemen and women when they go on such operations. We provided a number of bulletproof vest and helmets.

“The first consignment that came in, about 4000 of them came in just before we experienced the deaths of a number of policemen in these past few years. The police officers were encouraged because we then issued those vests for them and also made provisions for them to carry side weapons to protect themselves.

“5000 is not adequate, we are dealing with over 40,000 police officers and for those who have an interest such as banks and financial institutions, we do not think that the limited resources that we have for the protection of the general public should be allocated to that special needs. So we expect that in those cases they should make a contribution to protecting the Police that we allocate to them.

“The banks don’t get held responsible when we lose policemen, the government does, I do. And I don’t think that the Bank of Ghana fixing 2023 is acceptable, it is not. So is it a deaths sentence for those Police we are going to assign?”

Source: 3news



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