Give private tents, we want to have s*xual intimacy with our partners- Appiatte victims

Some victims of the Appiatse explosion are requesting private tents from the committee responsible for their wellbeing.

A deadly incident occurred last Thursday, January 20, 2022, when a truck owned by Maxam Ghana Limited conveying explosives allegedly collided with a motorcycle causing a massive explosion, which killed 13 people, injured 179 and destroyed 31 houses.

The Friday, January 28, edition of the Jolly Breakfast Show (JBS) was produced from Appiatse, precisely the location where all the victims of the explosion have been camped.

Some victims shared their grievances to Skyy Power 93.5FM indicating that their major concern was the rebuilding of their community.

They cannot wait for their life to be set on track and are thankful for the government’s swift response and some charitable individuals who have donated towards them.

Some women from the camp who spoke to Skyy Power 93.5FM noted that one of their major concerns is not being able to get sexually intimate with their partners since the tragedy.

According to them, s*x will be another form of therapy that will help relieve them from getting into depression due to the incident that has befallen them.

But due to privacy issues, it is impossible to get intimate with their partners since they are sharing tents with other victims.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) for an 11-member committee to manage donations for the Appiatse explosion victims, Mr Thywill Quarshie said, the private tents are not enough, initially, they planned to give each household a private tent but they had only 20 of them and will not be enough.

At this moment, the best they can do is to make sure each and every victim secures a tent and a place to the lodge which some households will need to share tents together until they have enough of the private ones.

Most of the victims who spoke to Skyy Power FM were happy with the ongoing development and are hopeful things will fall in place soon.







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