Ghana’s international tourism is likely to decline by 64%-GTA study

By the end of the year, Ghana is likely to report a 64 percent decline in the number of foreign tourists traveling to the region.

This is focused on estimates and forecasts made available by the Tourist Authority of Ghana (GTA).

The nation received a total of 1.1 million foreign tourists in 2019, but the country received a total of three hundred thousand international tourists as of October 2020, a figure that is projected to jump to four hundred thousand by the end of 2020.

During the Christmas season, tourism activities in the country are enhanced.

Nevertheless the tourism industry has experienced a significant setback following this year’s COVID-19 outbreak.

Last year with promotions such as the Year of Return, the tourism sector, which is the country’s fourth largest exchange earner, saw a significant increase, recording a total of 1.1 million foreign visitors.

With the advent of COVID-19, plans to further project the country’s tourism sector this year through the Beyond the Return drive and other initiatives have been cut short, forcing several countries, including Ghana, to close their borders for months.

With some of these firms failing and others losing their jobs, airlines, tour guides, travel agencies, attraction locations, car rentals, restaurants and hotels have all been adversely affected.

However the Ghana Tourism Authority says it has partnered with the Ghana Events Organizers Association to carry out a variety of events during this Christmas season that will improve tourism while adhering to all COVID-19 protocols.

Before the year ends, activities are projected to drive the number of international visitor arrivals above four hundred thousand.

In an interview with Citi Business News on the sidelines of the launch of Ghana Events 2020 in December, Kwesi Agyemang, CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority, said his cooperation between his outfit and the Ghana Events Organizers Association would improve the country’s foreign tourism figures to date.

“We worked with Ghana’s event organizers association to come out with the protocols that were the first step in ensuring that we ease event restrictions. The next step was to ensure that the COVID-19 protocols were also in place, and so we worked with them on what needs to be done with each of them.”

We don’t have all the amount because there are many other industries that have not been adequately listed, such as domestic tourism, so I would use that as a proxy in terms of foreign arrivals, so we did 1.1 million last year as of October this year for instance, we did three hundred thousand. So that’s meant to tell you the difference, so we’re confident that we’re going to be able to get through the four hundred thousand barrier in the last month, and if we can do that a little bit more, That’s still fine, because COVID missed 6 months of the year. It was difficult, but we demonstrated toughness as well.’

Source: citibusinesnews



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