EC issues list of companies printing ballot papers for Dec 7 to counter NDC’s allegations

The Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) has dismissed the arguments made by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) about the printing of ballot papers for the elections held on 7 December.

On Sunday, the main opposition group raised questions about the printing of the ballots and called on the Commission to allow the Assembly Press, headed by a well-known founder of the Emerging Patriotic Party, to be part of the ballot printing companies.

The NDC has reported that, after it began printing the ballot papers, the Commission has refused to provide ballot figures, further accusing the election management body of printing more than 150,000 against the standard.

But on Tuesday, 3 November, a statement released by the EC demanded the public to ignore the allegations as fake.
“It is difficult for the Electoral Commission to understand why the NDC will aim to create fear and anxiety in the sense of a straightforward and open procedure, such as ballot printing,” the Commission said.

“This is impermissible.

The Commission ensures voters that they will be provided for by each ballot paper. In a kit which has not been paid for, not one ballot paper would be used.

“This is not going to happen. Our procedures are, and will remain so, free, straightforward and robust.

The printing houses were mentioned like this:

  1. Buck Press Limited
  2. Assembly Press (Ghana Publishing Company)
  3. Acts Commercial Limited
  4. Fonstat Limited
  5. Yasarko Limited
  6. Innolink
  7. Checkpoint Limited

In the special case of Assembly Press, the Commission claimed that it is a “governmental agency led by appointees of the incumbent government at any point in time.”

It is also well known that the 1992, 1996, 2000, 2012 and 2016 ballot papers were printed by the Assembly Press led by Appointees of the NDC.

“Active supervision and involvement by the political parties and security forces in the printing processes of the Commission makes it difficult for any printing house, whether state-owned or private, to control and undermine the printing process, despite being the head of the Assembly Press.”

In the lead-up to the December 2020 polls, it encouraged the public to ignore the “attempt” of the NDC to trigger “fear and confusion and raise uncertainty.”

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By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh|3news.com|Ghana


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