The EC shall start the compilation of the list for special voting on 1 December.

On Tuesday, December 1, the Electoral Commission will hold its special ballot for the 2020 elections.

In a tweet, it stated its plan to start assembling a special voting list in accordance with the 2020 Rule 23 of the Public Elections Regulations.

Unique voting is for people who are unable to vote at the polling stations where they voted on the day of the election because of their duties on Election Day.

Unique voting is permitted for general elections only.

However, only after the general election can the outcomes of this special vote be declared.

Police officers, media officers operating in their control on Election Day and elected officials are expected to be involved in the vote.

These groups of individuals shall apply to the Commission, through the Director 1.T Projects, their Voter ID card information at the Commission Headquarters on or before Thursday 15 October 2020, through the Director 1.T Projects, on or before Thursday 15 October 2020

“It would allow the Commission to process its information in order to allow them to take part in an early vote,” the Commission said.

For the 2016 race, there were over 127,000 special electors.

Source: https://citinewsroom.com/


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