Due to galamsey, major water plants in eastern region produce below capacity.

In the Eastern Region, two water plants generate drinking water below their capacity because of the high turbidity levels at the intake source.
Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources Cecilia Dapaah visited the sites of water plants and called on the illegal miners to stop practicing the quality intake of the water plants.

High turbidity levels can greatly reduce lakes and streams and have a detrimental impact on recreational activities.

The Ghana Water Company Limited also increases the cost of water treatment.
Water for human consumption should have turbidity levels below single-digit numbers according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Osino plant’s turbidity levels, which were 51 in 2009, are now 5877. Bunso now stands at 4,700 of the 46 in 2009.
The situation Sanitation Minister Cecilia Dapaah has lauded at her meeting with Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin at his palace, a threeth water plant in Kyebi has now a more clear source.

“An acceptable rate of turbidity of 11 in the acceptable international unit is the Birim water supply source in Kyebi.”

Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin has recently voiced concerns over the flagrant lack of respect for nature and law.

He proposed alternative livelihood jobs in order to help government efforts to stop illegal mining activities for children while investing in land rehabilitation and trees planting.

In Osino and Bunso water plants, the quality of the Birim river is poor.

A few degraded arable land and uncovered mining pits.

Mining activities were as close as 20 meters to the water plant, a clear violation of WR&E laws, which would be 100 meters from the water source posing a threat to GWCL employees.

Due to the high turbidity, the Osino plant has reduced its production capacity to 300 of the expected 900, and Bunso’s production capacity has been suspended on several occasions.

The Minister for Hygiene Cecilia Dapaah did not hide her deception at the devastation and muddling of water bodies that had reduced the production levels following a thorough water plant tour of the Water Resources Commission, Community Water and Sanitation Agency and the Ghana Water Company Limited.

“I am very sad, some people are bold enough to diversion the Birim River into washing tools for their metals, and then this is going to sip into the river. I would urge you to stop this because it is necessary to use clean water.

“[Chemicals] were bought to purify water for us but they are not capable of extracting much because of the muddying water. The plant can only generate 300, a dramatic decrease from the demand for capacity of 900. How we discharged our bodies of water it’s frightening.”

From briefings at the site, there were clear indications that miners had now spent the night.
Mrs. Dapaa said “the turbidity of Bunso was 1900 in the morning and reduced to 330 in the afternoon. The sample had been received. This actually shows that others worked when we slept.”

The minister for the Eastern Region, Seth Acheampong, warned that those who disregarded the rules would be brought before legislation and that the government did not oppose mining.

“The proof is before us: we are not against mining, every person engaged in a trade, but against irregular mining activities. We’ll struggle everybody. The regulation states that they do not mine into water bodies within a hundred perimeter. We, therefore, encourage everyone who wants to do business. However, don’t cross the line because you won’t find the law entertaining when you cross the line, the law will follow you.”

Source: 3news


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