Changes you should expect in Facebook public groups

Facebook will be making a few changes to its Facebook public groups privacies. Below will be some of the changes to be expected when this goes into effect from June 11.

What are the changes?

Visitors can post and comment

If you allow them to, people can post and comment without joining the group.

People can join without approval

You won’t have to spend time approving member requests.

You have control over who can post

The Participant Approval setting lets you review anyone who wants to post or comment for the first time. This includes members and visitors.

When will these changes happen?

These changes will happen on June 11.
You can switch your group ahead of time by choosing New Public Group Experience in Group Settings.

What tools are available?

This setting lets you approve people before they can post or comment for the first time in your group.

  1. Members and visitors submit participant requests when trying to post or comment.
  2. Approve or decline people based on their profile information and answers.
  3. Participant Approval gives you more control, especially if your group is growing.

Admin Assist

This tool helps automatically manage posts in your group based on criteria you set up.

  1. Add criteria individually or customize our presets to fit your group’s needs.
  2. See when Admin Assist took action and easily undo if needed.
  3. Save time and focus on other parts of running a group.

Other tools and settings apply

What you use to moderate posts in your group will apply to both members and visitors.

Source: Facebook

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