After 5 hours downpour, part of Accra flooded

Some areas in Accra have been flooded after a downpour on Saturday, June 26.

The five-hour heavy rainfall, has obstructed the flow of vehicular traffic on the Weija Barrier – West Hills Mall stretch of the Kasoa Highway, Haatso stretch, UPSA and Shiashie among other areas.

Many commuters have been left stranded in traffic for hours. At Shiashie, some people have left their cars in the flood because they are unable to drive through.

Others have been carefully driving through the flood which has covered most part of the road at Okponglo.

Some Ghanaians have taken to social media to share the flooding situation in their areas.

This comes a day after Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) predicted that more floods will hit Ghana’s major cities including Accra, Takoradi, Tema, and Kumasi during this year’s rainy season.

According to Joseph Portuphy, the Head of Forecasting at GMA, all kinds of structures have been built in waterways and on pavements in these cities, leaving very little space for vegetation.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Midday News, Friday, he explained that as the rains continue to fall, the little vegetation left cannot contain the water and thus needs other pathways to flow.

He added that drainage systems that are to aid in a free flow of water, have also been turned into refuse dumps.




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